The Sony Project Q handheld is running Android in a leaked video

A leaked image showing the PlayStation Q on a sheet, with a thumb tapping a menu option.
Leaked image of the PlayStation Q. | Leaked image via Imgur

At least one of our questions about the Sony Project Q handheld game-streaming device has seemingly been answered by a new leaked video posted by Zuby_Tech on Twitter (via Reddit / Imgur). In it, a basic version of Android OS running on a plastic-wrapped device shows a simple menu system and a QR code. It’s very doubtful this is what the final version of the handheld’s menu will look like, but it gives us an idea what’s running under the hood, at least.

The person making the video quickly taps through the menu, then starts rolling the handheld over to show the top, back, and bottom of it. The low resolution makes it hard to tell much. You can make out what look like a set of four buttons behind the tablet portion of the device on the…

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Posted by Experimentor