Triton Digital Reveals New Triton Advertising Platform (TAP)

Triton Digital, the global technology and services leader to the digital audio, podcast, and broadcast radio industries, today announced a new version of the advertising platform, Tap. The enhanced version, now available to all clients, provides a more fluid experience throughout the entire lifecycle of audio ad campaigns – from planning to billing – simplifying publisher workloads and increased revenue opportunities and a better listener experience.

Managing and monetizing advertising inventory can be a complicated and time-consuming task. With the latest version of Tap, audio publishers can streamline audio campaign management and focus on what matters most – growing their digital business. As an API-driven platform, publishers can choose to control everything via an API or the Tap UI, leveraging Tap’s enhanced capabilities in their preferred environment.

The enhanced version of Tap provides:

Flexible Campaign Set-Up: A simplified user interface and quick search filters limit the number of clicks required to create a campaign, delivering a more streamlined user experience.

New Creative Management Capabilities: Advanced creative management features, including the ability to use multiple creatives in a single flight, support for weighted or sequential rotations, and the option to apply targeting rules to specific creatives, build upon the data-driven ad personalization capabilities from partner Frequency, audio’s premier Creative Management Platform.

Advanced Ad Separation: Enhanced ad break support provides more granular control of pacing and frequency capping and new ad separation rules, in accordance with IAB guidelines, allows for better enforcement between publisher and direct sold and programmatic ads. Publishers can define their desired industry separation and override default settings to make more inventory available, as needed.

Expanded Ad & Campaign Targeting: In addition to advanced geotargeting across all countries, publisher content (podcast, streaming and on-demand) can now be effortlessly grouped into a single campaign, leveraging all available placements (pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll) improving inventory management and monetization.

“As Australia’s leading independent audio entertainment destination, we pride ourselves on creating unforgettable experiences loved and shared by our listeners,” said Tim Armstrong, Director of Digital Capability and Data, Nova Entertainment. “With Tap we are able to streamline our audio campaign management to drive operational efficiencies, enabling us to deliver the audio campaign management to drive operational efficiencies, enabling us to deliver the audio entertainment experiences our customers have come to love and expect.”

“Our paralleled portfolio of audio advertising technology helps publishers manage and monetize content more efficiently,” said Benjamin Masse, Chief Product Officer, Triton Digital. “Tap provides a fluid experience throughout the audio ad campaign lifecycle to better deliver personalized ad creative that improves not only the listening experience, but an organization’s bottom line.”

Triton Digital provides the industry’s most comprehensive stack of advertising solutions to help audio publishers increase the value of their inventory. Tap makes targeting easier, provides sophisticated inventory forecasting tools, and enables streamlined production, management, and delivery of ad creative. With the enhanced capabilities in Tap, audio publishers benefit from streamlined workflow creation and simplified audio advertising flight management, improving inventory monetization.

Posted by Experimentor