Twitter removed half its HQ sign — then the police arrived

A worker removes letters from the Twitter sign that is posted on the exterior of Twitter headquarters.
The Twitter sign is coming down in San Francisco. | Photo by Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Twitter, in case you somehow haven’t heard, is rebranding as “X,” ditching one of the world’s most iconic and theoretically valuable brands in exchange for Elon Musk’s personal idea of cool. Today, the theoretically-not-Musk-led company owned by Musk also attempted to remove the Twitter sign at its headquarters at 1355 Market Street in San Francisco.

Before they could finish, the police showed up.

“San Francisco police halted the sign removal shortly after it began,” wrote Justin Sullivan for Getty Images as part of a caption alongside his many excellent photos of the site.

We haven’t confirmed why police pressed pause. Originally, another observer, Wayne Sutton, tweeted that Musk didn’t get a permit for the crane.

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