Twitter’s ‘new’ Tweetdeck lives behind a verified paywall

A screenshot of the preview version of TweetDeck.
Image: Twitter

Twitter is officially launching its “new” version of TweetDeck to everyone, according to a tweet from Twitter’s support account, which is a step that it had to take to help mitigate some of the issues TweetDeck has been experiencing lately. The switch comes with a potentially-heartbreaking catch: TweetDeck is going to become a Verified-only feature in 30 days, the account says, meaning you’ll need to pay for a Twitter Blue subscription to be able to use it.

This updated version of TweetDeck has been in preview for nearly two years.

All users will be forced to switch over to the new version, according to two Twitter employees, and those staffers have also shared some slight clarifications about what’s been going on with…

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