Western Digital NAS drives flash ‘warning’ after three years even if nothing’s wrong

An NAS offers long-term storage.
A Synology DS920 Plus NAS system that accepts 3.5-inch drives like Western Digital’s. | Image: Sean Hollister / The Verge

If you’ve owned an HP laser printer like I have, you’ve probably replaced a toner cartridge just because the printer warned you it was depleted. But buried in the printer’s settings is a way to override the message and continue printing 100, 200, or even an indefinite number of sheets — because shocker: the toner is actually still good despite the alert.

That “low toner” warning is similar to what owners of some Western Digital storage drives say they’re seeing with its hard drives and diagnostic software. Ars Technica reports many Synology users are dealing with warning alerts that the Western Digital hard disks they’re using in their NAS are bad. The Synology alert is triggered because the Western Digital disks’ WDDA analytics —…

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