Women In Podcasting Network Reaches 9,000 Members

The Women in Podcasting Network (WIPN), established in 2020, now boasts a very engaged community of 9,000 members across Facebook and LinkedIn groups, with a recent post attracting 1200 comments.

The network is dedicated to empowering and amplifying the voices of women podcasters through collaborative opportunities and access to essential resources for starting and monetizing podcasts.

According to the network’s founders, Jennifer Henczel, the vision of WIPN is to inspire and uplift women’s voices everywhere. The network’s mission is to create a space for women to share their unique perspectives and to increase representation in the podcasting industry.

The Women in Podcasting Network welcomes all women podcasters and expert guests, including those who are just starting their podcasting journey to seasoned professionals. The community offers opportunities for connection and collaboration, support and inclusivity.

The Women in Podcasting Show, – a production of the Women in Podcasting Network, is now streaming on major platforms, sharing insightful stories and experiences from women podcasters. The show will release a special episode featuring uplifting messages from its members on March 8th in celebration of International Woman’s Day.

The Network has almost 200 paid VIP members. The VIP membership of WIPN offers a directly listing and exclusive access to tools, templates, and training for starting and monetizing podcasts on their website at www.womeninpodcasting.net. These resources are designed to help women podcasters expand their reach and achieve their goals. The price to join has been intentionally set as low as possible at only $7/month, while still providing overflowing value, to help as many women as possible.

For more information on Women In Podcasting Network and its resources, visit the website.

Posted by Experimentor