Wyze cameras reportedly let owners see into a stranger’s home — again

The Wyze Cam OG (pictured left) and the Wyze Cam OG Telephoto 3x (right) on a black backdrop.
Image: Wyze

Five months ago, we wrote about how your Wyze webcam might have let strangers peek into your house. It appears to have happened again.

After an extended outage that Wyze linked to problems with AWS, ten different Redditors are reporting that their Wyze app showed them images from a security camera that wasn’t their own — giving them glimpses of a stranger’s porch or living room. Some of the videos were from entirely different timezones.

“One of my cameras notified me of an event from inside someone else home with them in it walking around,” begins one post. “I just got a motion detection notification with a picture for someone else’s house that isn’t mine!” reads another.

“Why did I get someone else’s notification which showed…

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